Research & Analysis Services

Market Intelligence

For nearly a decade, JKM Global has been helping companies convert information into actionable intelligence through holistic research and analysis. Whether you need to improve your marketing performance, introduce a new product, or enter a new market, our ability to synthesize multi-dimensional data allows us to provide broader, richer and more meaningful insights for confident decision-making.


Market Research & Analysis

Research & Analysis

JKM Global offers independent and customized research services to fulfill the strategic business needs of companies across the globe. We utilize a combination of various research approaches and advanced tools to derive all the knowledge you need for meeting your unique requirements. Having successfully conducted more than 2000 research projects for over 600 clients globally, JKM Global is a reliable market intelligence company you can trust for all your research needs.

Primary Research

We understand that secondary research has its limitations, especially when you’re seeking market dynamics in emerging economies or assessing investment/entry opportunities in niche markets. Our primary research service ensures you get all the information and insights you need to make informed decisions".

With an in-house team of experienced researchers and a global network of panel partners, JKM Global manages the end-to-end operations of primary research projects – from survey design and sampling to data collection, analysis, and presentation. We do this by utilizing innovative quantitative and qualitative research approaches, technology tools, and global best practices. Our ability to integrate primary research with secondary market research, social media analytics and IP research ensure that you get accurate, holistic and high-quality intelligence.

Primary Research

Business to Business Research

Improve the efficacy of business decisions with our B2B primary market research services. We conduct B2B research on a global scale across target markets, companies of varying sizes, and stakeholders, including C-suite executives, IT professionals, small to medium businesses, vendors, and distributors.

Business to Business

Consumer Research


Get detailed insights about your customers across channels, and identify their characteristics, attitudes, and behaviors with our consumer research expertise. Our ability to perform consumer research across multiple industry domains and hard-to-reach target groups (i.e. HNWIs, expats, students, etc.) help clients formulate strategies that align with consumer needs.



End-to-end management and execution of the primary research process – from survey design and programming to data analysis and reporting

A holistic approach that integrates primary research with secondary research, IP/patent research, and social media analytics.

A holistic approach that integrates primary research with secondary research, IP/patent research, and social media analytics.

Reduce the cost of conducting primary market research using your own resources

Reach global as well as local markets with our strong network of panel partners and multi-language capability.

Why Us ?

Our ability to enhance primary research with secondary research, patent research, and social media analytics ensure that you get high-quality, well-rounded insights to support better decision-making. Through our extensive panel network and global reach, we can analyze hard-to-reach geographies and language groups. We have long-standing customers, including consulting firms, market research firms, and end-clients, who trust us for our:

Global best practices and high data quality standards,

Expertise across a range of industry domains, and

Ability to carry out complex primary market research projects at a short turnaround time and at low costs.

Reach global as well as local markets with our strong network of panel partners and multi-language capability.JKM Global Quality Assurance - We understand and respect your concerns about data integrity. That’s why we take special care to deliver authentic and reliable research. Our dedicated team of researcher’s moderate interviews and collect information in a manner consistent with international best practices. The information collected is put through multiple levels of quality checks, where it’s analyzed, cleansed and validated by secondary research to provide complete, verified, and unbiased data to clients."

Secondary Research

Insights based on the information collected from premium and public repositories and other secondary sources, such as company websites, news articles, and more.

Technology Scouting:We help clients effectively respond to disruptive market trends by searching for sustainable inventions, identifying innovation and technology partners, and providing answers to technical challenges by leveraging a wealth of patent information, technology tools, and primary and desk research.

Freedom to operate/ Clearance/ Infringement analysis: : We help R&D and product development teams ensure clearance for product ideas, concepts, as well as for making successful R&D and licensing arrangements or partnerships. Our ability to carry out targeted freedom-to-operate/clearance of infringement analysis through exhaustive research and analysis and present insights in visually appealing reports gives us an edge over others inthe market.


Understand emerging technologies, novel ideas, and viable products under development Identify the strongest companies, products, and IP in specific technology areas Explore how existing ideas can be modified or improved to produce innovative outcomes."

IP Research

In a hyper-competitive business landscape, enterprises need to take a proactive approach towards innovation to stay ahead of the game. This calls for the ability to foresee new possibilities created through the rapid evolution and convergence of various technologies. With our vast array of IP research solutions, you can uncover pivotal trends, innovators and solutions early-on to develop innovations with agility.

Patent Landscape Analysis / State-of-the-Art Searches

Chalk out a strategic innovation roadmap based on a comprehensive analysis of patent information. Our experienced team of patent analysts performs rigorous data mining, data analysis, and visualization to provide an accurate picture of the patent landscape to identify emerging technology and innovation trends, latest prior-art, active competitors, and more.

Claim Charts / Infringement Search

Detect infringement and increase patent assertion success with JKM Global’ claim-charting service. We validate product-to-patent infringement and provide detailed evidence-of-usage reports by analyzing and interpreting various claim elements, identifying target companies with unlicensed products, analyzing inferences, implicit infringement, and strength of the available literature to showcase the level of infringement.

Technology Commercialization

Accelerate the transition of discoveries from labs to the marketplace with our technology commercialization support. We carry out commercialization due-diligence and research to evaluate market need, patent strength, and competitive threat, and offer guidance on suitable commercialization routes.

Competitive IP Research

Keep a close eye on technology developments and strategically plan your patent portfolio and R&D activities through our continuous tracking and analysis of patent data and competitive information such as mergers and acquisitions, funding, research grants, and other public announcements.

Why Clients Choose JKM Global?

  •   Comprehensive Research
  •   Our research stems from our extensive access to patent databases and market intelligence expertise.
  •   Superior Quality
  •   Most extensive and accurate information and insights.
  •   Experienced Team of Technology & Legal Experts
  •   Multidisciplinary team of Ph.D. holders, engineers, management consultants, and IP law experts.
  •   Automated Processes
  •   Use of process automation tools for increased efficiency and reduced turnaround times.
  •   Customized Solutions
  •   Bespoke technology, IP and product research for specific business needs.
  •   Integrated market intelligence
  •   Trend and pattern identification
  •   Social sentiment analysis
  •   Media monitoring and analysis
  •   Share-of-voice analysis
  •   Product feedback and opportunities
  •   Competitor benchmarking.

Online Reputation Management & Advocacy

The open nature of social media makes brands vulnerable to negative publicity. In the absence of a strong social media communication strategy, a brand’s reputation could be destroyed in no time. With round-the-clock social media monitoring, JKM Global helps protect your brand reputation by monitoring for potentially abusive/ negative content, identifying early warning signs, and recommending the best approach to manage a crisis. In addition, we identify brand advocates and influencers to help reinforce a positive image of your brand.

  •   Crisis management
  •   Customer engagement
  •   Influencer tracking and measurement
  •   Response management.
Customer engagement

Content Strategy and Planning

Strategy and Planning
  •   Drive demand, differentiation, and sales through strategic content and associations to fulfill your business objectives and deliver the required ROI.
  •   Social media strategy
  •   Digital strategy
  •   Content strategy
  •   Influencer planning
  •   Campaign planning.

Content Development & Measurement

We develop compelling, insight-based multimedia content best-suited for each platform and across both online and offline channels. Furthermore, we use appropriate techniques to measure the performance of campaigns and use those learnings to optimize existing and future campaigns.

  •   Blogs & Articles
  •   Slideshare presentations
  •   Listicles & Social posts
  •   Podcasts/Webcasts
  •   Whitepapers/Newsletters
  •   Infographics & Cinegraphs
  •   Motion graphics
  •   Website/Landing page copy
  •   Mobile/Desktop apps
  •   Video content (pre-recorded & live).
Infographics & Cinegraphs


Maximize your brand reach and engagement through insight-based digital marketing Round-the-clock monitoring of social media to ensure timely identification and response

Stay ahead of your competition and track the trends in your category with real-time social media insights A one-stop-shop for all your social media strategy and optimization needs.

Why Us

We are a no-nonsense, high-impact strategy partner with a focus on helping you achieve specific goals by harnessing the power of social media. We’re always on the ball, listening to social conversations and monitoring competitive activity, so that you never miss out on the latest insights about customers, focus categories or the competition.

Why Us

We are a no-nonsense, high-impact strategy partner with a focus on helping you achieve specific goals by harnessing the power of social media. We’re always on the ball, listening to social conversations and monitoring competitive activity, so that you never miss out on the latest insights about customers, focus categories or the competition. Our experienced strategists create captivating content using a perfect blend of strategy and creativity. Every campaign goes through rigorous planning to ensure that you connect with the right audience, with the right message, and at the right time and place.

We monitor the performance of marketing campaigns continuously so that they can be optimized to deliver the desired results. As a result, clients benefit from an amplified brand reach, engaged audience, and a positive sentiment for their brands."

Our Services

  •   Market Assessment
  •   Keep pace with the trends through an in-depth understanding of the market forces and competitive landscape changes.
  •   Market landscaping
  •   Market share measurement
  •   Market sizing
  •   Go-to-market strategy
  •   Partner identification and selection.
  •   Customer Research & Insights
  •   Understand the ever-evolving needs of your customers and anticipate emerging trends to best leverage opportunities win the market.
  •   Consumer landscape
  •   Brand insights
  •   Consumer segmentation
  •   Market segmentation
  •   New customer identification
  •   Customer satisfaction and loyalty analysis
  •   Customer preference
  •   Concept testing
  •   SWOT analysis
  •   Pricing research
  •   Competitor activity monitoring
  •   Campaign effectiveness and measurement.
  •   Competitive Intelligence
  •   Know what your competitors are up to and identify ways to differentiate and improve your competitive position.
  •   Competitor profiling
  •   Competitive benchmarking
  •   Competitor activity monitoring
  •   SWOT analysis.
  •   Custom Research
  •   We conduct market research tailored to your needs using one or a combination of research methods."


Actionable and timely insights based on primary and secondary research, patent and social media analytics Tap into global as well as high-profile, difficult-to-reach market segments Continuous market and competitive intelligence to support decision-making

Get the most comprehensive and accurate insights with our ability to integrate findings from multi-dimensional data sources

Ample flexibility in engagement models and deliverable formats to ensure high customer satisfaction."

Why Us

  •   JKM Global provides end-to-end research-driven solutions that help clients meet their growth objectives by collaboratively transforming information into business advantage.
  •   In-House Research
  •   We utilize an in-house resource model to provide our clients with actionable insights.
  •   Panel Expertise
  •   Specialized panel of senior executives, analysts, and practitioners.
  •   Premium Databases
  •   Access to extensive premium databases.
  •   Global Coverage
  •   Ability to conduct research across the globe in multiple languages.
  •   Data Visualization
  •   Ability to present complex data and concepts in crisp, easy-to-understand formats."

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