Content Writing Services

We take pains to understand your business and are serious about its positioning. So, more than just creating content, we take into consideration how you want your message to be conveyed

Our objective is to promote your business through creative communication, which will result in increasing both your customers and subsequently your revenues.

We have been doing this for many years, and have empowered quite a few top corporate entities, SMEs and some investor-backed start-ups. Scripting content for various requirements for companies at various levels has given us precious understanding of communicating with the end customer.

Content Writing Company
 content writing agency

Work begins with need analysis, followed by R&D, and concludes with creating compelling content. Based on the nature of your business and the target group, we set the tone for your marketing collaterals. We ideate, brainstorm andpunctuate your requirements to create content that is professional and effective

JKM has thus far made a difference to over 200 business from various industry verticals. We have made their business speak and win hearts through websites and marketing collaterals.

Our vision is to be the most exclusive communication and content writing agency which thrives on creative strength and gives more muscle to brands.

If your business is serious about positioning, we are serious about the content that positions it... We follow the AIDA approach in digital content marketing by segmenting audiences coupled with keyword research.

We Provide

  •    Keyword research and analysis.
  •    Create campaigns, innovative Ad copy.
  •    Best match types of keywords for relevant traffic.
  •    Less irrelevant traffic with negative keyword technique.
  •    Geo targeting to enable ads in demographically chosen areas.
  •    Bidding Management.
  •    Target setting, progress record reports and timely reviews.
  •    Custom landing pages for PPC advertising requirement (A/B Testing).
  •    Complete account maintenance and tracking.
We Provide

Make more of your business with PPC advertisements that offer high ROI and less CPC. JKM Global makes PPC easy for you with complete support, transparency, regular reporting, improved sales, and strategies that never fail to impress. Let our experts handle your PPC accounts while you maintain its full access.