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We provide a wide range of services customized to industry requirements from Solution deployment, Managed IT, technology support and Staffing services. Our services will fit in to every infrastructure management need of small, medium and large organizations.

We have the advantage of a small company focusing on every customer need with individual attention, medium company offering the flexibility to provide tailored solutions cost-effectively, large company offering wide range of services with the promise of reliability and resourcefulness.

Maximum Efficiency

We Manage IT

Maximize your IT capabilities without breaking the budget

Manage It

Technical competence is the key to managing business effectively and you do not have to be a fortune 500 company to leverage upon the strengths in incorporating latest technologies that increase your business competitiveness.

You do not have to make long-term hiring commitments to accomplish short-term goals. And you don’t have to sacrifice detailed maintenance in order to focus on growth

JKM Global Managed IT services provide comprehensive IT expertise to support your operations and augment your IT department where you need it.

Data Center Infrastructure Management

  •   Helpdesk Support
  •   Email and Collaboration Services
  •   Storage Services
  •   Remote Administration
  •   Virtualization Services"
  •   Backend Services
Storage Services

Its techniques, best practices and affirmed answers wrap all aspects of big businesses. We, the leading Data Management Service Provider bring in capability to practice in utilizing data management answers for the customer.

We , at JKM Global thrive on offering EDM policy that comprises
six constituents

Manage It Solution
  •   Data architecture
  •   Data security
  •   Data governance
  •   Data quality management
  •   Metadata management
  •   Master data management

JKM Global along with ourexperienced experts cater information administration approach and administrations that start with our comprehension of undertaking the entire improvement of information resources. With the process of Data Management Services, we offer you the finest service and expertise workflow. We understand our customer's desire and the data offered by BPO Service Provider, is of extraordinary strength and a profitable quality. Thus, JKM Global endeavors to keep it secured, accessible and serviceable for our customer

  •   Our total Enterprise Data Management Framework conveys top notch services for Data Management Services.
  •   Achieve auxiliary arrangement on the control of data management worries across the enterprise.
  •   Portray and apply information architectural encompassing data, demonstrating information stream examination, tuning,
  •   stockpiling perception, and foundation.
  •   Order, apply and save a soul, joint vision of reference information through the enterprise.
  •   Ensure information security along with wellbeing of systems and methods.
  •   Deploy methods that shield quality information on an enduring and dependable establishment.
  •   Low Data predominance
  •   Routine of divergent innovations for applying same systems in different office
  •   Phrasing and institutionalization matters - Absence of combined Metadata administration
  •   Non-joined systems and data leads to poor master information management
  •   Data security issues
  •   Nonattendance of matchless quality and ownership of information resources
  •   Privacy, legal and controlling consistency
  •   To a great degree discrete, disconnected and rehashed insight - No interpretation of enterprise
  •   Clients often face challenges like.

Data Services offered by JKM Global will offer you dedicated features to get rid of specified problems that are often faced. With the finest hassle-free solution of data management and Outsourcing Data Services offered by us, you will enjoy unlimited and unexpected services.