Lead Management System

Lead Management System

Customer interaction management is a tool to manage your business in a professional way, when the key KRA is to fulfil the customer goal. It enhances your business in all aspects. JKM’s CRM platform manages the customer's sales, support, services, HRM & quality.This platform automates your processes, especially in Tech support vertical, Travel, lead generation and where customer complaint management or Ticket management is playing a crucial role in retaining the customer in the long run. JKM’s platform gives you privileges to mask the end customer’s CLI on agent interface and minimizes data theft possibilities. JKM is an open platform, where you can integrate any third-party telephony system or platform. JKM’s platform has two separate dashboards (one for the CRM and another for dialer). Customer can manage all activities from a single window.

Lead Management

Manual/Auto assign of lead


Lead assigning is a tiring task. Consequently, related manpower finds it very difficult to work with the full potential. On the other hand, intelligent usage of our JKM Platform ensures easy implementation of all policies and strategies while keeping different kinds of unproductive activities aside. Our Lead management solution allows you Auto/Manual assign lead with ease and comfort.

Lead management solution

Mapping complete flow of SPANCO cycle

Our Lead Management software follows the basic rules of negotiation including Suspect, Prospect, Approach, Negotiation, Closure, Order (SPANCO). This facility lets you achieve the desired results to generate revenue with high success rate. All functions of our Platform are easy to use. Therefore, every executive finds it easy to work upon after simple training.

Lead capture Automation

The finest characteristic of our JKM Platform is lead generation while avoiding any hassles. Due to this uniqueness, you find it extremely easy to maintain transparency among all concerned executives. Additionally, you find it extremely easy to prepare the reports for future use and presentations.

Task creation and assign to executive

Our Lead management software is based on innovative concepts which ensures that new & fresh task will be created for executives whenever required. In addition, every person included in the list will get notification regarding the same. This aspect ensures that no executive will sit idle after completing the existing task, resulting in improved productivity.

Lead Qualification Process

Specialized algorithms of our JKM Platform help to recognize the quality of leads for long term use. In order to know the true potential of a lead you do not need to do anything manually. Our Software requires few commands to provide the authentic information for the same. The USP of this Lead management solution is round the clock assistance.


Sales tracking and Micro Level Monitoring of Employ

Micro Level Monitoring

Administration and management of organization of any size can confidently depend upon our software for sales tracking and micro level monitoring of employees. Our Platform works wonderfully for everybody with the uniform standards. Deploying our Lead management software requires limited investment but helps to reap the optimum benefits of full potential of every available resource.