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Why Responsive Web Design Is Important In 2022?

Responsive web design, or RWD, is a web-design method that dynamically adjusts the website’s appearance to the size of the screen (or the viewport size). As a result, regardless of the device used to visit the website, the appearance and feel (i.e. design, layout, and experience) should stay the same.

Responsive Web Design Importance

You might be wondering why responsive design is important if you’re new to web design. The solution is straightforward. Mobile web traffic has now surpassed desktop traffic, accounting for more than 55% of total website traffic.

The aforementioned market trend should have given you a good idea of why responsive web design is important. It’s even more crucial now, given the wide range of devices (particularly mobile/handheld) on the market. Check out this ultimate guide to building a mobile-friendly website to get started with mobile web development services in USA.

Here are a few key points to emphasize the significance of responsive web design:

Rapid Mobile Development

Our lives are inextricably linked to our mobile gadgets. With a global population of over 7.8 billion people, 3.6 billion people own a smartphone. That’s 3.6 billion people who could visit your website on their cellphones. Take a look at the stats below to see why responsive mobile design is so important:

Smart penetration is not universal over the world, which implies that the website should be tailored to the specific market. When designing for a mobile-first audience, it’s crucial to keep in mind the increased global mobile prevalence.

High-speed is required.

Consider this: there are over one billion web pages on the internet! As a business owner, there’s a good chance that your idea’s distinctiveness has already been used by another company.

As a result, as a business owner, it is critical to communicate with web developers so that the website can be tailored to the target demographic and market. A user will leave a website in less than two seconds, so page load time is crucial. The availability of high-speed internet has significantly reduced user patience. Because the responsiveness of a website is immediately evident to the end-user, we as business owners only have two to four seconds to impress our customers.

Responsive Web Design’s Advantages

It is clear from the preceding section that responsive web design is critical for any website, and failure to comply could result in financial losses (due to the fall in the organic traffic to the website).

Here are a few of the most important advantages of responsive web design:

User Experience Enhancement

Responsive web design, to put it simply, improves the user experience. You can see for yourself which design gives a better user experience in the following screens:


Businesses used to develop several websites to cater to different mobile viewports before responsive web design services and its corresponding services came into existence. The user was presented with a custom home page based on the device from which the request was made.

Session Timing and Bounce Rates

Aside from the development costs of the website, responsive website development agency saves money and increase user retention. This, in turn, aids in increasing session length and lowering bounce rates. Both of these elements have an impact on search engine results.

In terms of search engine bots, they are not humans capable of reading and judging information. However, they rely on humans to do so. A website with a consistently high bounce rate and shorter session durations indicates that users are dissatisfied with the site. This results in lower rankings, fewer inbound links, and lower revenue.

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