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Top UI Web Design Trends to Stick to In 2022

The digital world has been on a roller coaster journey during the last few years. UX/UI design trends in 2022 saw a big transformation, as did a myriad of other things in the virtual world. Staying educated about them as a UX/UI designer can assist you know what’s best for eCommerce web development nowadays. 

As new technical advancements occur, the potential for UI to become considerably more innovative in the coming year is enormous. The UI Web design trends you should bear in mind to perform web development with best practices are listed in this post by iTrobes professionals. Some are the most popular right now, while others are far-reaching and futuristic. We’ve rounded up our favorite UI trends in this post and hope that you will find them handy too. Keep your eyes peeled for these trends and make sure to employ them in your designs! They bring a lot of value to the users and are sure to improve the overall experience.

Minimalism in terms of aesthetics (UI Web Design Trends)

Aesthetic minimalism is probably one of the most underappreciated but crucial UI design trends in 2022. Nothing improves a user’s experience more than an attractive, straightforward, readable, and uncomplicated user interface. A fancy or wow-factor-like design isn’t required for everyone. If expertly curated, certain simple well-thought-out designs can be extremely stunning.

These trends appeared due to the influence of the so-called “user-friendly” interfaces: they are intuitive and easy to use, despite the fact that they are quite minimalistic. Therefore, these trends can be recommended for creating mobile apps and websites. For example, designing a website or mobile app for an accounting company, it is important to make the system ergonomic enough for comfortable user interaction. Still, you should implement a design system which clients can learn how to use with ease.

Illustrations that are unique

Illustrations that are unique

In the coming year, branding with hand-drawn or digital, 2D, 3D, or any custom image has and will likely continue to be popular. These not only make platforms stand out from the crowd, but they also aid to create a welcoming atmosphere.

When you add a complicated motion design to these illustrations, they come to life, capturing the interest of any user. This trend works because it provides your websites or apps a distinct personality, allowing users to remember them.

An approach that is mobile-friendly


Mobile devices account for nearly half of all search inquiries. Everything is searched on smartphones, from movie ticket booking to choosing a spot to eat. As a result, it’s no surprise that a mobile-friendly approach is on the list of UI design trends for 2022. Developers must create both UX and UI with this in mind. End consumers must like visiting your website, regardless of which device they use to access it.

Glass Morphism

The latest trend in user interfaces is glass morphism, which is gaining popularity. It refers to giving the layers a transparent, glassy appearance so that users can see through them. When numerous layers arise over a colourful background, this approach works well because the layers introduce hierarchy to the structure. 

Both iOS14 and macOS are examples of this, but the key is to choose the background correctly. A fuzzy background may give you the perfect see-through-the-glass effect while also allowing you to experience all of the details.

Incorporating 3D into eCommerce

Incorporating 3D into eCommerce

3D has been a popular trend for some years, but now is the time to put your own spin on it. The time has come to incorporate 3D into digital items for eCommerce. With everything moving to the internet, firms must become more creative in their product advertising. 

We don’t have to limit ourselves to 2D and the standard 2 axis method. The animation will change the game for eCommerce by providing experiences that are closer to the real world through the usage of third dimension technology.

Photographing in the real world

Animations and illustrations will soon be ubiquitous. The use of real-life images and high-quality product photography will then become a key differentiator. They’ll undoubtedly make a significant comeback in the realm of design trends. 

They will be around for making a credible and unique influence for end-users in the recent years and in the years to come. Because illustrations and animation may not be appropriate for every account/brand, depending on genuine images may be a better option.

Typography that is difficult to read

Every designer’s job includes selecting the correct typeface for a website, app, or product. Customers come to associate a specific typeface with a particular brand since big brands are so consistent with their font. This is exemplified by Google’s use of Roboto. 

After all, we no longer read as much on the internet, preferring instead to skim and scroll. This is why typefaces have become such a popular UI design trend. Web designers & Web Development Company use complicated typography to draw attention to crucial content that needs customers’ attention.

Bots for chatting

Customer support enquiries can be handled in a more personal and convenient way with bots. They are unique accounts that allow customers to acquire fresh insights into their conversations, plan meetings, and complete other duties while shopping, browsing items, and requesting assistance.

In light of this, it’s clear that good user experience and aesthetics are still essential in web design. With the rise of AI and automation, now more than ever web design needs to be focused on offering nothing but the best user experience in hopes to persuade users to keep using your platform. But if you’re still not convinced, then keep this in mind: your choice of web designer will play an important role in determining how your website is received and how much success it achieves.

The internet’s site design trends never seem to stop. Certain design cues, on the other hand, persist regardless of the situation. The most crucial thing for businesses on the internet is to make sure they’re up to date on web design best practices, whether it’s web layout, site organisation, or responsive design. They become more personable and professional as a result of this. With this in mind, we have a look at what the top design trends will be in the following year. It’s not that these principles can’t be accurate, but they don’t tell you much beyond the next few years. As always, it doesn’t hurt to educate yourself on trending UI design principles so you can keep your arsenal stocked with knowledge. As for the trends themselves, it’s no surprise to see more advanced technology and more interesting animation patterns in full force within UI designs. We can also expect UI designs to improve even more in terms of accessibility and mobile app optimization. Over the next several years these trends should continue gaining traction, while other trends will fall by the wayside or become a part of mainstream design.

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